Bring life to your characters..

Some photos of puppets I built for stop motion. I’m actually building the armatures with aluminium wire, 1,6, and brass tubes to connect the different parts of the body. Eyes in painted wooden balls, they can be animated with a little stick. Faces and hair in wool. A kit of wool eyelashes, eyebrows and mouths, give the possibility of animating facial expressions. I am focusing on this technique. I experimented silicon hands at Bau, master stop motion, but I actually prefer to use wool.
To see the animation of the puppets watch here. The animation you can find here are mine:

Zucca, halloween character
Head: sculpeted + cover with felt, hand painted eyes.

Cassandra, halloween character
Hand painted movable eyes, felted hair, skin:felt + paint.

Committed puppet for a private. Body and eyes animable, fixed expressions. Soon online more photos of the structure.

Character design, puppet and animation are mine.
Clothes: Maria Sierra

The warrior
Inspired to the character design of Stoccafisso Design.
I realized puppet and clothes.

Character design and puppet making by me, inspired to a local musician Vincenzo Praticò, Vgood production.
Preview of the videoclip I realized with him in the animation page.

From the character design of Valentino Villanova for the educational comic “Spuntino”.
I realized the puppet and the animation for KIDPASS CULTURE.

I took care of character design, puppet making and some part of the animation. Actually the Short “Violet Noise” is going through Festival (official selection in Athens and Detroit).

Still a work in progress, a character i created to test silicon mold, but I’m planning to rebuild it in felt. Here you can see the character design’s sketches and the mold attempts.


My first puppet, from 2020. The first stop motion animation I did, before to join the master. Realized in papermache.

Niddle felted puppet with no wire structure
I’m actually creating different puppets for a collaboration with the automata maker Stoccafisso Design, and other personal attempt of “theatre animation” that you can see on my IG.