Puppet making

Some photos of the process I used to create puppets for stop motion.
One year ago I tried papermache with an electrical wire as a structure. I was animating body but not facial expression, and with a little number of frames per seconds.
This year I improved both puppet making and animation skills: here you can see the puppet I did for Violet Noise short film. It is made with a stronger aluminium structure (1.6 mm wire). The puppet can change expressions and it has posable hair. The expressions can change thanks to a kit of eyebrows and eyeleeds. Still not pupils and mouth animation. For this model, I took care of the different part of the process: character design, armature, clothes design, modelling, till the final puppet.
To see the animation of the puppet and of the facial expressions, watch here: https://giallovagare.art/stop-motion-movies/

Molding process

Here I studied how to create mold and use silicon in order to create puppets. This is not the final aesthetic of the puppet, final puppet will be upload here with also facial expressions in the next month, this is the character design I did and how the puppet will look like at the end.

Previous studies:

Before attending the master. Now I can made a stronger inside structure, and work on facial expressions.