Puppet’s creation

I am experimenting with this electrical wire since a while, cause it’s easy to move but also resistent. And it is also good for working with kids. For the surface I did a character with a kind of papermache, and now i am trying with felt. So the materials I use are all recycled or not expensive and the process can be followed easily by a kid, as I tried in my workshops.
Then I was also curious to:
– try to create the joints by myself so I tried, in 2 different ways, the second one with bycicle chain, but for the moment I prefer to go on with wire.
– Find out how to do eyes movements, with little beads in the head. It works but I don’t like the final result so I stopped for a while.
– Realizing little little character with no complex structure just to se how it works to make them move and personalize.
Here you can find pictures about this process.