About me

Born in 1990, I’m an italian visual artist. I love the creative process, a never ending journey. My passion and carrer is in two fields, which I often combine: art and education.

ART: Since I was a kid, I love drawing, singing and writing. Important experience has been taking part in urban sketch groups. I falled in love drawing people in the underground, in the pub and all around… taking just some fast lines.
Drawing on the street led me to meet and confront many illustrators and designers, letting myself be contaminated by their styles, their colors, then retaining what I felt most mine. Starting from the group of Sketchers, I then came into contact with artistic centers and groups such as Guado Officine Creative, Mercoledì al Secco, la Corte degli Artisti, and many young writers, poets, musicians, dancers: each of these friendships and collaborations enriches my vision of the world, my personal research and my way of drawing.
During the first lockdown 2020 I started to see that drawing “was not enough” and to get interested in stop motion and frame by frame animation, with the idea of bringing life to some stories I had.
After producing a short stop motion as a selfthought for a non profit organisation, i decided to enroll to a master in stop motion animation at Bau, while going on with my commissions.

EDUCATION: Classical high studies, and a degree in philosophy, I like to comunicate with young generation and share what I learnt. Althought I feel actually more connected with artistic creation, I remained tied to Philosophy as regards the development of critical and creative thinking. I attended a course in Philosophy 4 Children in London and several training sessions with Altisensi, Philosophy for Creativity. I hold drawing courses for children and adults in which the main objective is to train “the gaze” and the senses, a process that is useful for both drawing and thinking.


▪ Master in Stop Motion animation 2021/22, BAU, Barcelona
▪ Altisensi, Philosophy for Creativity 2020 (online training).
▪ Certification Philosophy for children/ community (Vauxhall Pr. Sc. London) 2019,
▪ Certification Narratives of Nonviolence in the American Civil Rights Movements with B. LaFayette (Emory University, Coursera) 2019,
▪ Erasmus+ trainer certification 2016,
▪ hand drawing course NABA University (30h) 2016/17, Urban Sketchers since 2017,
▪ 1° award “Milan Young Citizens”, Course&contest of social innovation, FabriQ MI 2016,
▪ Degree in Philosophical science (110L) Univ. Catt. del S. Cuore, MI 2015,
▪ three-year degree in Philosophy (110L) Univ. Catt. del S. Cuore 2012,
▪ Classical High School 2009


mail: balzarottistefania@yahoo.it
ig: (ste.balza) giallovagare.art
Phone: +39 3396141472

EXHIBITIONS In 2017 and 2018 I exhibited at the pavilion of Young Art in Inveruno, in 2017 one of my sketches was selected as the cover image of the edition. Later I participated in several local exhibitions, and at the beginning of 2020 I had my first solo show in Milan at the Corte degli Artisti. In 2020 and 2021 I was selected at AbbiateArte, in 2021 I exhibited my animated short IO e lo Specchio. Actually Violet Noise, a stop motion short film I realized, is has been selected in different international Festival.


Since 2021 I’m a freelancer, I create illustrations, stop motion animations and puppet on one side, and I provide lessons on the other side.

EDUCATOR with artistic skills, coop. SilvaBella, 2020

Erasmus+ TRAINER, Young Effect Association (Exchange in Poland) October 2019

TRAINER Hospice Magenta ODV March-June 2019

EDUCATOR, Comin Onlus 2016 – 2019

DRAWING TEACHER, Comin Onlus Magenta 2017 – 2019

ART TEACHER Umberto I kindergarten, Robecco sul Naviglio Apr – May 2017

Primary school TEACHER, Ist. De Amicis Magenta 2017/18

PROJECT AND SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM Comin Onlus, Milan Jan. 2017-Apr. 2017



Since 2017 I started to draw in the street and during events. Here are some of the musical event I took part.

2023 Live drawing at Milano Cantautori

2019 – Folknova Festival Portogallo

2019 – Jazz Milano

2019 – 20 Live drawing at Icaro Bar, Corbetta, Milano

2019 – Blues in Villa e Blues in Cascina, Corbetta, OPS

2018 – Jazz Milano

2017 – Jazz Milano