IO e lo Specchio is a short stop motion film I wrote and animated to talk about caregiver burden and the positive role of expressive writing and art for rework the traumatic experiences and draw a new life’s course.
This movie is my first stop motion project, in which I worked to the whole process independently.
I took care of: plot (2020), storyboard, puppet and basic scenery creation (2020), puppet animation, filming with stop motion studio app by phone, basic post production (2020/21).
Since it’s my first film, I learned everything doing it, so there are several errors I understood later.
The story is in favor of a social project of therapeutic writing for caregivers of Hospice di Magenta ODV.

Press here for the puppet creation process.

The music come from the musical improvisation of Silvia Maserati, an italian clinical musician and arp therapist of the non profit association I worked for.
Themes of the story. The character, is named “IO” (I). The story is built on 4 simbolic objects: the mirror, the tangle, the boat and the sketchbook, that will bring IO in finding a new imagine.
Here a selection of frames: